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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 13, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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on youtube, more town hall trouble. a cancer survivor is addressing representative sheila jackson lee when she begins talking on herself on. she defended the move. >> it was not disrespectful, because i was speaking -- seeking information for the very town hall i was then. -- i aws in. -- i was in. >> we cannot guarantee your protection, you must leave. you do not know these people. >> it is the latest drama playing out and town halls across the country. opponents of the plan began airing this ad in 20 states. >> it means lower costs, a cap on out of pocket expenses. >> those supporting it launched their own with the white house hardly standing on the
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sidelines. it is releasing an e-mail hoping to flood in boxe with its power of persuasion. while some are still feeling the heat -- >> nobody is forcing anybody to be in the plan. >> others are applying it. >> any bill that spends more on health care is a failure. >> to the president will have another chance to push as points this weekend. a man outside yesterday's town hall meeting was questioned by secret service because of a sign he was holding. it read, death to obama, michele, and two stupid kids. he was detained and released, but the secret service will conduct a follow-up of investigation.
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to consumer advocacy groups say that some groups are pressuring buyers saying that if the government does not reimburse, the driver is liable for the money. customers are not required to sign these agreements to get the deal. at the economic roller coaster continues even though existing sales are hot -- up. there were a foreclosure filings up 7% from june, and up 30% from july of last year. the federal deficit has now reached almost $1.30 trillion. michigan could be the new ayme for bmo ta guantanamo bay detainees. federal officials to or a maximum security prison as a potential site. without the detainees, the
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correctional facility will close. that would mean losing hundreds of jobs. barracks in kansas are considered for the detainees. president obama wants guantanamo closed by 2010. is 18 years since his jet was shot down in iraq. the remains of the pilot came home today. his wife and children were there when his flag draped casket arrived. he was the first casualty of the 1991 gulf war. his remains were finally discovered buried in iraq. people gathered at a church for eunice kennedy shriver's funeral today. >> mourners streamed into our lady of victory catholic church. >> it was very sad of what
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pp wedthenhah ite family. >> she was a regular at the 9:00 a.m. mass. it was here that caroline kennedy was married. she delivered the eulogy for the developmentally disabl sister rosemary who made a lasting impact on eunice. >> never say no, never stopping. you can make a difference to change this world. >> in 1962, kennedy shriver invited 100 special needs kids to her home and started camp schreiber to help kids excel through physical activity -- camp shriver to help kids exile for physical activity. >> it was her passion, her drive, and some would say her political muscle that really got this movement off the ground. >> hd notatte
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ndr co the way as he fights brain cancer. her daughter, maria shriver and his nephew robert kennedy jr. work mourners that arrived. one disabled man left the car that said, "she taught us to stand tall." it is a life sentence with no chance of parole for jose garcia. he was convicted of the brutal death and robbery of a 63-year- old woman. he targeted elderly women in montgomery county in northwest washington. some of them testified at today's sentencing hearing. after the judge delivered the life sentence, victims said that justice has been served. >> i am delighted. anything less would have put us all in jeopardy at a later date
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and other people, too. >> they say there were probably hundreds of victims because of search of jose garcia's home that yielded thousands of items stolen. a local animal rescue shelter is closing its doors. what will happen to the dogs? but >> what woulyou pay for unlimited flights for a month? >> doug hill here. folks are getting wet. we will check the doppler in my forecast still to come.
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you're watching abc news at 6:00. this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. the cent serves inner-city youth that was greeted by the former d.c. first lady. several tennis greats have visited this center. the organization has raised millions of dollars for dc's young people. the decision comes as a complete shock. they say they were not aware of it. the humane society is
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closing its rockville rescue slter as a cost-cutting measure. adoption costs for the rest of the animals will be less than $50. the society will pay for the necessary medical costs. >> we are saddened that things are happening the way that they are, but it will work for the best for the animals. dodge the center will remain open until all animals have been moved safely. we can see two new support added to the 2016 olympics final. they're recommending gulf and red bp added it, chosen from a list of seven proposed sports. baseball and roller sports did not make the cut. free to travel in september,
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we may have to deal for you. the all you can get past -- jet pass, next. >> what a day for sports fans. it tiger woods like that the leader boards in the pga championship. and the redskins get ready for the ravens. it is preseason ga p
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there is a new idea to make money and get you flying more. >> we're live from dulles international airport. >> will the boss gets us a month off to travel? probably not. that is where this first popped up, on twitter. is creating quite a buzz. >> you have 30 days to take $600 worth of flights. >> that is the mission if you take the new pass. it for $599, you can fly as much
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as you want from september 8 through october 8. >> it will save the company money. >> i know what i am booking is costing more than that. >> people who do a lot of traveling, they certainly save money. >> not only have people bought the past, they have started booking flights. >> of the airline is already seeing more interest than expected, it could be a huge success and what is traditionally one of the slowest times for airline travel. >> you could go to lasngeles, san francisco, coast three out, that as a great deal. -- costa rica, that is a great deal. >> a book or cancel reservations three days in
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advance, you will have to pay taxes on international travel, but there are no blackout dates. currently, there adding -- and they fly out of dulles. you have to make a lot of flights to hit $600. if you want to fly to l.a., that will be $300. we are live at dulles airport. >> it could be a good deal depending on where you're going. >> done a to fly anywhere tonight. >pinpointing exactly what ' lweren'kiookit, one area with e o heaes jt out of-- and just east o college park down towards the areaof prince george's county.
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just to the east of that, past old town b owie andie farth it is intense as it goes south. just a couple of spots here and there. just keep that in mind if you have plans in this area for the next hour or so. let's get our numbers for thursday. 87, 73. technically above average temperature wise, but about what you expect for this time in august. we will see a bit of a warm-up the next couple of days, but not back to what we had a few days ago. just back near the 90 degree mark. 86 in fairfax. uncomfortably warm in most areas. -- it comfortably warm in most areas, except where there is
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rainfall. it will take a couple of days for the final system that has hung up to watch out -- funnel system to wash out. across florida, all the way up the east coast, it is a nice day. another were nice and -- at another nice weather pattern. generally, the trend will be for this system to become less important as the weekends, -- as it weakens and we had through saturday and sunday. the express forecast for tomorrow, were listening skies with 67-71 degrees. upper 80's in the aernoon with an isolated thunderstorm possible. in the next seven days, a warmup there. a typical august temperatures.
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as a get your friday and saturday and sunday, the chance of storms will diminish and we will string together a few dry days. if you're heading down to the beach for the weekend, it looks good. a virginia beach, may be isolated thunderstorm by sunday afternoon. lots of sunshine, should see dry roads and temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. if you're saving your vacation for this weekend of august, you have made the decision. isow the time that football fans have been waiting for all year. -- it is now the time that football fans have been waiting for all year. >> we are in baltimore where the redskins are preparing to take on the ravens. >> i feel like i have already played a game, it is sweating bullets out here. it port at about 4:30 this afternoon, the temperature about 85 degrees. it is coming off of the artificial surface. the redskins and the ravens,
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kickoff is at 7:30. tonight, it should be a huge task for jason campbell. the ravens went public to the playoffs last year, 13-5. it the second-best defense in the entire nfl. a few moments ago, i spoke to the secondary coach. what you want to accomplish in this first game? what you want to see? >> i want to see guys compete. it takes steps to get better. we're not concerned about winning, we want to get better like we have been doing in training camp. most ideas -- and most guys have an idea of what they want to do. at the end of the day, will get a chance to look at it on film. >> i know you give them a lot of different looks. it does not happen in the preseason game, does it? >> guys a smart enough to know that what they have in a quarterback -- we're trying to
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figure out what we have been defense. we hope we do the job we are set out to do. the physical, understand -- >> and this will be the first time the redskins fans get a look at the first round draft pick. he will be the skins designated pass rusher. he is strong, lean, quick, plays with good intentions. in texas, he won the lombardi, hendrix awards. he is ready for the nfl now. >> now i actually get to live up to it in the preseason. we want to be productive and treated like practice. -- and treat it like practice. >> some guys will not be aying tonight, they are all out. i doubt we will cease and had
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lost tonight. the starters will go quarter and will evaluate from there. how about tiger woods today? take a look at the leader board. tiger woods is sort of the top. tiger gets 12 of 14 fairways, 15 of 18 grains. the flat stick was working. he has the lead in the pga championship. >> i had the ball well pretty much all day and that some good putts even though i did -- even though i did not make a lot of putts. >> the nats game last night, that is where we began our play of the day. a self preservation catch, unbelievable. he makes the tax for the out. it that is our play of the day. it makes me feel like sitting next to gordon. i get a lot of those right by my head. >> have fun.
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some big money being thrown behind promoting president obama's health care reform. >> a new tv advertisement campaign kicked off today that might mean tens of millions of dollars in air support for president obama's health care reform. the group? americans for a stable, quality care. democrats see it as an antidote for the crazy town hall and a reversal of what happened to president clinton. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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this bear helped hself to whenever he wanted in one california neighborhood. residents were told to stay inside their homes as the bears ran around. he took a swim. when he got hungry, he rummaged through some garbage cans. authorities used horns and rubb bullets, and he headed home unharmed. >> dropped in for uhncanah sw . one more quick look, a little cluster ofshs erowand thunderstorms. pretty heavy rain. it is drifting tohe south, a fe me showers in montgomery county. other than that, it should be a dry night and fairly comfortable outside. >> abc world news is coming up next. >> have a great night. explain.
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